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January 14, 2014


                                                                      For more information or interviews contact:

Contact: Rose Jackson-Beavers

Phone: 314.306.2972
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                                                                              Diary of a Disabled Scholar

 In a current world, where it seems as if a person’s appearance can outshine someone else’s talent, many people are beginning to feel displaced, amongst those, are the disabled communities. The disabled have had to fight even harder for their greatness to shine and be accepted on the same plane as the mediocre.  Many people attempt to combat this unfair treatment, by penning books on the disabled experience.  However, most of these people have not had the first hand experience. 

 Through Roosevelt Mitchell III’s studies to become an academic scholar in the disability field, he would find the required reading material was lacking the perspective that he was all too aware of seeing in books he had read. He decided to bridge the gap between education and experience, by penning Diary of a Disability Scholar


This memoir, guide, and eye-opening manuscript allow the reader to see disability through the lens of someone who experiences it every day.  After surviving a tumultuous childhood, and being rescued from homelessness, Mitchell III decided to pursue a career in Special Education.  After becoming overly qualified, by receiving two Masters Degrees, Roosevelt was at a loss when his own disability seemed to be the reason for him not gaining employment. 

Through this book, Roosevelt Mitchell III opens the door on a world that is often speculated, but rarely experienced.  From his own journey of learning to accept himself in a world that would rather seclude the disabled, to his own interactions within the disabled community, Mitchell III’s manuscript refuses to allow others to ignore the truth.  In a bold, but loving fashion, Roosevelt Mitchell III wants to empower those who suffer from a disability, and encourage the world to give them a fair opportunity to show their greatness.


Editor’s note: For more information about Diary of a Disability Scholar or to schedule an interview with Roosevelt Mitchell, call Prioritybooks at 314-306-2972 or write to   Roosevelt is available for book signings.  He can be contacted at: Diary of a Disability Scholar can be purchased from, or directly from the website at

For more information or interviews contact:

Contact: Rose Jackson-Beavers

Phone: 314.306.2972




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Need Help on Your Future Life Decisions?

Lydia M. Douglass

Life is all about decisions, and sometimes those decisions can be overwhelming to think about.  At this time, high school and college students are about to face graduation, but sometimes that momentous day can be shrouded in fear by not being sure about the next step.  LYDIA M. DOUGLASS has something that could help those who are wondering what to do next.  With contributions from Kendra Koger and Adeesha Beavers, Finding the Right Path for You has information that can be helpful to  people high school and college aged.

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Meet Stephanie Acon

*Write a comment, or buy the book and you could win a prize!*Image
Stephanie Acon has been writing edgy fiction tales and poetry since the age of ten years old. However, it wasn’t until the age of 21, when she found Hip-Hop, (or Hip-Hop found her) that subsequently she became known to the underground Hip-Hop world as NinaRaw. For ten years consistent, she rocked with force, and played a vital part on the side of Systematic Muzick Inc. (‘The OESC’ and ‘The Murc Unit’). In the mist of performing, writing, rhyming, recording, selling and shopping mixtapes…amongst the community, somewhere, NinaRaw became hailed and dubbed as the “queen”. And not by way of cliché props, but strictly because those saying the title “queen” meant it when they said it, and said it when they felt it necessary. By proof, NinaRaw was never just a rapper. She was the female emcee who crafted lyrics with messages that ran deep into memories. To those who heard for themselves, her wordplay was unforgettable, and to the “underground” she set the bar, for not only female rappers, but lyricists period. Every rhyme written heeded life, and she packed them with something so intense it could only be categorized as royal. What drove the energy level up so high was simple, and complex, wrapped all in one explanation – her goal. Stephanie’s point to it all. The method behind her voice, and presence, was meant to be a lit candle amongst a lost generation. Her generation. Knowing that their influential genre of music could sometimes get so dark that listeners slumbered, she wanted to AWAKE them. And Hip-Hop became a way…a tool. Although, never commercially acclaimed, NinaRaw embarked on the mission of a lifetime. All by way of Hip-Hop! But then, after serving the culture for years, somewhere, over the last two, the course began to curve. Or change.
She is now an author…
‘ESCAPE FROM A NIGHTMARE’ is her first urban fiction novel. Her inspirations have been drawn from the many experiences she has endured, observed, and inhabited in the streets of St. Louis.
ESCAPE FROM A NIGHTMARE is a contemporary urban fiction created with a unique blend of love, Hip-Hop, and wouldn’t you know it…FATE. This story is full with twist-and-turns, and displays a generational authenticity appeal that will definitely captive it’s targeted demographic of young-adult, adult, inspirational, hip-hop, and pop audience line. For Stephanie ‘Nina’ Acon…her book, and writings is what music wasn’t…and that’s compromise free.
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Who is Lady B?

We’re continuing our give-a-way this month for Women’s Appreciation Month, but the give-a-way this week is for Lady B Morgan and her book, “The Extension.”  Have the 1st, 5th, or 10th comment on this post and you can win!

Who is Lady B Morgan?



Lady Bea Morgan has been set free from the hands of two abusive husbands; the first husband a cocaine user, the second husband a pastor. Because of the spirit of forgiveness, she is grateful to the Lord for allowing her misery to minister to the hurting.


Lady Bea believes that giving up something for God releases His blessings to us. She teaches that vengeance is not ours, but the Lord’s. Therefore, regardless to the trouble we’re facing, we don’t have to fight physically, but with intense prayer and fasting. She teaches that peace of mind in the midst of our strong winds and tumultuous storms is inevitable when our faith is not in man, but God.






Book cover

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Hello to All!

March is Women’s Appreciation Month, and to honor all the strong women in the world we are having a promotion.  When you buy a copy of “A Sinner’s Cry,” you will be entered in to win a free copy of one of our other books.

When you comment on this blog, or on 1st, 5th and 10th comments wins a free book.

Like our Facebook page for a chance to win a free basket of books or a 25 dollar Visa card. Two winners  Ten books will be in the basket. In addtional 5 people will win a copy of A Sinner’s Cry.  That’s 7 winners! 1st place A basket of 10 books, 2nd place 25.00 Visa Card, & 5 people will win a copy of A Sinner’s Cry!



The Prioritybooks Team

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A Hole in my Heart

If you are a prime member of Amazon, download my book, newly revised ‘A Hole in My Heart’ free for your young teen.

Have you ever felt lost and hurt, thinking that your problems were so big that they couldn’t be fixed? You’re not alone. Meet 13-year old Darrius McMillan. He couldn’t see the love and support he had from family and friends because he was so blinded by what he didn’t have.

A Hole in My Heart is set in the authors’ hometown of East St. Louis. It addresses the gripping impact that drugs can have on the entire family, especially children. What makes this story especially gripping is that it is told through the eyes of an adolescent. Darrius is African-American. He lives in a community where drugs, self-hatred and poverty are not uncommon. Still, his poignant story appeals to readers of all socio-economic backgrounds. A Hole in My Heart is a story of faith and hope.

Rose Jackson-Beavers



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New Things Coming Up


As we are in the process of building this new blog, we would like to keep you abreast of new information for the company.  We have currently signed new authors and their books will be coming out soon, along with books for some of our current authors as well.  Also, coming up soon in October is the Book Pajama Jam party.  The flyer is bellow and more information is on our “Upcoming Events” calendar.  We hope to see you all there, and remember, to register for the event!!

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